The following services were initiated by the Stiftung Chance and later assumed by Zurich Children’s Hospital. Since then they have been financed by the Hospital directly.


Children and young people with congenital heart defects or severe cardiac diseases often require medical treatment over the course of many years. Through our child and youth psychiatrist, Phaedra Lehmann, parents and children have a contact person who can help them to work through the difficult experiences that come with severe illness.
Stiftung Chance provided start up financing for this successful project.

Kinesthetics or Infant Handling

Touch and movement form an extremely important part of nursing. Certain feeding, physiotherapy and mobilization techniques can all contribute to the rehabilitation of young children.
Training of nurses in this field is possible thanks to the Stiftung Chance.

Intensive long-term care

Children who require long term assistance with breathing, feeding or medical treatment are primarily cared for in the Intermediate Care Unit (IMC) of Zurich Children’s Hospital, where all efforts are made to give them a normal daily routine.
Stiftung Chance co-financed the building of the Intermediate Care Station IMC.

Parent's room and waiting areas

Anyone who is critically ill or caring for a sick family member wants to be able to retreat to a suitable waiting area. 
Stiftung Chance has supported the set-up and decoration of the parent's room in the neonatology department and the waiting areas.