Barbara Brotschi, President

Barbara Brotschi is a private lecturer in paediatrics, specializing in paediatric intensive care and neonatology at the University of Zurich. She heads the interdisciplinary intensive care unit A at the University Children's Hospital Zurich. In her daily work she experiences how the services of Stiftung Chance support critically ill children and their families. Barbara Brotschi is married and has a daughter and a son.

Daniela Bosshardt-Hengartner

Daniela Bosshardt-Hengartner is a qualified pharmacist, has worked as an analyst with various financial services in Zurich and since 2004 offers business consultant services in the pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnical fields. She is also a mother of two boys.
As board member of Stiftung Chance she has made a commitment to support critically sick children and their families wherever possible.

Evi Ehrensperger-Schaub

Evi Ehrensperger-Schaub worked for almost thirty years as a management secretary at Ecosens AG, a business consultancy specializing in environmental management. She became aware of Stiftung Chance in 2009 as mother to her critically ill daughter. Since then, Evi has been committed to our foundation in order to give back some of the support that she and her daughter have received. Since April 2022 Evi Ehrensperger-Schaub serves as Executive Director of Stiftung Chance.

Claudia Furrer-Kübler

Claudia Furrer-Kübler is a pediatrician and has worked since 2003 as a senior physician in the rehabilitation department of Zurich Children’s Hospital. She works almost exclusively with handicapped children, many of whom have multiple disabilities. Claudia Furrer-Kübler is happy that through her work she can utilize the services provided by the Stiftung Chance and thus help to support friends and loved ones. Claudia Furrer-Kübler is married and has two daughters.

Corinne Mertzlufft

Corinne Mertzlufft is a businesswoman by profession and, after a variety of held positions and additional training, is now Business Development Manager at the Swiss company Panolin International Inc. She is responsible for the Onshore Business Unit. Corinne Mertzlufft speaks German, English, Swedish, French and Spanish. In her free time Corinne is a sports and nature enthusiast. She describes herself as a team player who likes to "get things moving".

Rebecca Pfaffen

Rebecca Pfaffen has been working at the Children's Hospital Zurich since 2010. She is a qualified NDS HF intensive care expert and a professional trainer in the management team at the interdisciplinary intensive care unit A. In her professional work, especially in crucial situations, she experiences how valuable complementary services as the i.e. the Care Team are, that Stiftung Chance provides. Rebecca Pfaffen enjoys baking, yoga and climbing.